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The number of licensed hemp farmers in Washington has more than doubled since May, according to the state Department of Agriculture.


Could hemp be Washington’s next cash crop? Lawmakers eye new system amid CBD boom, marijuana expansion

Hemp is back, and Washington lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing to make it easier for farmers to plant the long-outlawed cousin of marijuana in time to reap this fall. 


Washington lawmakers give hemp room to grow

 OLYMPIA — Nearly identical hemp bills have passed the Senate and House, giving Washington farmers the chance to catch up with growers in some other states. 


Washington legislators remake hemp program

 OLYMPIA — Washington lawmakers and the state Department of Agriculture are taking down barriers to growing hemp in time for spring planting, though how much farmers will pay in the future for the privilege has not yet been decided. 


Washington hemp bills line up on allowing CBD

 OLYMPIA — House and Senate bills now agree on removing two major barriers to the cultivation of hemp in Washington. 

Washington eyes hiking hemp farming fee

Please do not be discouraged by this news because it will not be an issue! There has been a lot of questions and concerns surrounding this news that fees may have to increase by ridiculous amounts to grow hemp in Washington next year after September 2019. This will Only happen, if there is No participation and No additional funding from the budget and the 2018 Farm Bill is not passed legalizing hemp. 

Currently, there is $287,000 being requested by the WSDA to curb the need for this fee increase before the next legislative session starts.

Email Governor Inslee in Support of this funding request being decided upon on December 13, 2018.  


Older Industrial Hemp News

WA Budget Smiles on Hemp Program


Capital Press Reports-Washington House and Senate include money for hemp in budget proposals, brightening outlook for fledgling program. 

Washington Resumes its Hemp Program

 The state Department of Agriculture will restart its hemp program.

The state Department of Agriculture will restart the Industrial hemp program. Funding for the program is now available.

WA Hemp Growers

Washington state has industrial hemp farmers in limbo over planting a crop in 2018.

A regulatory snafu in Washington state has industrial hemp farmers in limbo over planting a crop in 2018. Some of them are looking to shift acreage to Oregon.

WA Hemp Suspended


 A Washington businessman is pushing the state Department of Agriculture to revive its dormant hemp program so he can get seeds for spring plantings. 

Penn State Research


 It will be the first time hemp has grown legally in Lancaster County since the plant was banned nationwide in 1937 because of its similarity to marijuana. 

NY Industrial Hemp Spotlight


 A new $3.2 million facility near Binghamton, New York, is the first in the United States to receive some form of government assistance to promote the processing of hemp. 

IHemp to Create Jobs


 AgTech Scientific plans to create 271 jobs at a new industrial hemp-products development and manufacturing center in Paris as it forges relationships with Kentucky farmers and partners on research projects with the state’s flagship university, Gov. Matt Bevin announced today. 

From Uramium to Hemp


Hemp is one Colorado town's way out of a uranium mining past. Burgeoning hemp industries in small towns can offer a way to diversify their economies.

Hemp structures date to Roman times


 The Romans have been using it since the days of Julius Caesar, but not to get high. Both Washington and Jefferson grew it. 

Industrial Hemp Field in Washington State

Madison University Industrial Hemp Farming

Processing line for separation of Industrial Hemp