Hemp is Legal in America Again!


The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law on December 20, 2018 legalizing Hemp in all 50 states!!!! Now there is much work to do in Washington State to bring us in line with the Farm Bill regarding hemp. Legislation has to be passed in Washington state to open up farming and the supply chain. It will be at least 6 months before the new hemp program will be in affect. Hemp field GPS coordinates and THC results are mandatory under the 

2018 Farm Bill.

The WSDA must submit a proposal to the USDA for approval of our new program. The time frame for state laws to change will be after the 2019 planting season begins. The current program rules and regulations will be in effect until state law is implemented and new rules and regulations written and signed off on. There is a grandfather clause for those with IHRP licenses to move under the new program rules and regulations once set for the remainder of their license term. The IHRP expires on January 1, 2020. 

IHEMPAWA is excited to be part of the wild west of hemp!  

What is going on in Olympia?

New Hemp Program Legislation Updated 4/26/19

House Bill HB 1401 relating to a New Hemp Program was filed on January 18, 2019 in the Washington State Legislature! Once this bill passes in the House and Senate and is signed off by the governor, it will replace the IHRP.  

Senate Bill SB 5276 then was a substitute bill based on HB 1401 and both have some amendments. HB 1401 is in line with the farm bill and fixes major issues that were part of the IHRP. The 4 mile buffer zone between hemp and marijuana is eliminated and the whole plant will able to be harvested.  Seeds will be able to be purchased from other states finally. An amendment was adopted specifying that seeds no longer will be required to be certified.

HB 1401 was passed out of the Appropriations Committee and onto the House Rules Committee. SB 5276 was passed out of the Ways and Means Committee and onto the Senate Rules Committee.


WA Hemp Bill HB 1401 passed the House Unanimously on March 8, 2019 at roughly 5:25! We are getting closer to the Governor's desk. Once we get through the Senate, we have to get a signature and secure the funding. Having the WA House Legislature pass the bill with unanimous Representative support, is definitely a good sign we can roll this bill all the way. Both sides of the isle and mountain are behind our bill.

 SB 5276 Passed the Senate Unanimously on Monday, March 11, 2019! Now we are on the way to the next round of committee hearings as the bills go through the House and Senate in the opposite direction. HB 1401 is now in the Senate and SB 5276 is in the House. 


4/7/19-Every week we get closer to having our new bill passed and signed. This week the Senate Bill Sb 5276 has moved onto the Appropriations Committee in the House. The House Bill HB 1401 did not get a hearing in the Senate unfortunately and is officially considered dead upon senate arrival. Thanks for all who pushed for this now historic Original 2019 WA Hemp Bill HB 1401. We will have the same exact program as the language in HB 1401 since both bills share our ultimate outcome for farmers to plant hemp. This is our hemp program no matter what bill number gets signed by the Governor.

A hearing on SB 5276 should be scheduled in the Appropriations Committee soon.

4/16/19- Our Hemp Bill HB 1401 Passed the Senate unanimously after being resurrected during the soap opera, As the Hemp World turns! SB 5276 was not moving to the floor in the House due to nothing hemp related so Senators were on it and came to hemp's rescue. This last weeks episodes of crazy, nail biting twists and turns brings us closer to growing hemp this season. HB 1401 with all the scenes and amendments will be will be voted on once more in the House and the bill will be on it's way to the Governor's desk for a signature with in the next two weeks. There will be no more amendments. This show isn't over till the credits roll but they will roll our bill. Get Ready grow hemp in 2019! 

4/24/19- This week's crazy, nail biting episode of As the Hemp World Turns, brings us even closer to growing hemp this season. HB 1401 is no longer in play but SB 5276 is and is the exact same bill. The Senate voted unanimously to pass the bill out of the legislature and is now on the way to the Governor's desk!!! 

It is almost Go time for hemp in Washington. Seeds will soon be able to be procured from anywhere, the whole plant may be used as food and the 4 mile buffer zone will be eliminated.   


Hello WA Hemp Supporters!

Governor Inslee signed WA Hemp bill SB 5276 into law yesterday, April 26, 2019!  This is a bill we hijacked and substituted with the language from HB 1401 that we worked on for over a year. Even though it was not the bill number or Sponsor we wanted, it is law. We originally had a Senate companion bill SB 5719 sponsored by Senator Hasagewa but SB 5276 made it in 3 days before ours was filed. Senator Erickson did not write the bill as passed out of the first committee let alone the bill signed by the Governor. He does not deserve the historical credit on this. We have a WA Hemp Program we created despite him though. 

It is Hemp go time! 


What Happened Last Session


Industrial Hemp Funding Update-SB 6032-S

We are excited to announce that the budget bill which includes funding for IHRP-Industrial Hemp Research Pilot has been signed! Program funding is effective immediately allowing applications to be processed!  

Legislative Industrial Hemp Happenings 2018

 The Final version of the budget bill under the WSDA funds the program for the coming year at $100,000. This final bill is $42,000 less for this year and is not ongoing as was originally asked for by Rep Sawyer of the 29th LD and Senator Hasegawa of the 11th LD Something is better than nothing as long as we can keep rolling this hemp cart up the hill! There is always another go around....

We will be continuing to work on Industrial Hemp bills with both Democrats and Republicans in the coming week, months and years to help set the stage for a strong and responsible agricultural hemp industry that protects farmers.

SB 6032-S Pg. 277, Sec 310, "(8) $100,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2019 is provided solely for the industrial hemp research pilot program. Expenditures shall be prioritized for processing licenses and expanding the industrial hemp market."

Originally, House Budget Bill 2299 included language: "$142,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2018 and $145,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2019 are provided solely for the industrial hemp research pilot program". with an amendment added by Rep. Shea as: "Expenditures shall be prioritized for processing licenses and expanding the industrial hemp market.

Senate Budget Bill 6032 included the language: "$100,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2019 is provided solely for the department to continue the industrial hemp research pilot project."

The two bills did not match, the House bill was the funding level requested by the WSDA.