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Washington Industrial Hemp Funding Status

We are excited to announce that the budget bill which includes funding for IHRP-Industrial Hemp Research Pilot has been signed! Program funding is effective immediately allowing applications to be processed!

The Final version of the budget bill under the WSDA funds the program for the coming year at $100,000. This final bill is $42,000 less for this year and is not ongoing as was originally asked for by Rep Sawyer of the 29th LD and Senator Hasegawa of the 11th LD. Something is better than nothing as long as we can keep rolling this hemp cart up the hill! 

There is always another go around....

I will be continuing to work on Industrial Hemp bills with both Democrats and Republicans in the coming week, months and years to help set the stage for a strong and responsible agricultural hemp industry that protects farmers.

SB 6032-S Pg. 277, Sec 310, "(8) $100,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2019 is provided solely for the industrial hemp research pilot program. Expenditures shall be prioritized for processing licenses and expanding the industrial hemp market."

Breaking News

Washington resumes its hemp program

 The state Department of Agriculture will restart its hemp program, but no rush of applicants expected. 

Washington simplifies first step to grow hemp


The Washington State Department of Agriculture has shortened application forms to grow and process hemp. A simpler form lowers one barrier to planting and processing, according to a hemp advocate.

Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program Accepting Applications

Washington State's Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program is accepting applications. New stream lined applications are now available and are much less complicated and less information is required. Contact us with questions and assistance filling out your program application to acquire a license to grow, process or market Industrial Hemp in WA.

Free Application Help and Info Classes

Pierce County

September 29, 2018

Elk Plain Grange

21817 Mountain Hwy E, Spanaway, WA, 98387 


Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program

Thanks to the 2014 Farm act, it is now legal to grow industrial hemp in Washington State but only with a license through the WSDA Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Industrial hemp was removed from the controlled substance list in July 2017. Hemp can Not be grown in this state with out a license. Civil penalties will soon be applied to those growing hemp in WA outside the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. The WSDA is processing applications for growers, processors, marketers and seed distributors. 

Our Industrial Hemp Association of WA Mission

Promoting the research and development of Industrial Hemp as an agricultural crop in Washington State as a viable and sustainable ultimate renewable natural resource through the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Supporting and educating pioneers in the field while lobbying legislators on their behalves. Members share research and resources as growers, seed and equipment suppliers, food and building material processors, organizations and those who dare to reinvent the wheel to fit into our industry. We are building a sustainable re-emerging industry together. We are here to answer when asked, What is Industrial Hemp and what is it used for?, How do I get a License to grown hemp in WA? How do you grow Industrial Hemp?